Boro Park Welcomes the New Yoka Chechovitz Shul

Boro Park Welcomes the New Yoka Chechovitz Shul

by BoroPark24 Staff

Boro Park is welcoming a groundbreaking new shul, Yoka Chechovitz, located on 39th Street between 12th and 13th Avenue. This new shul aims to be the heartbeat of the area, offering a welcoming space for prayer and Torah study around the clock, and was built by the famous Blue Dream Builders company.

Bearing the name Khal Ateres Shloime Tzvi and Kollel Ziv Hoirueh to honor the cherished memory of Yoka Rav, Harav Shlomo Tzvi Koenig ZT"L, the synagogue will be under the guidance of his esteemed son, Harav Yida Leib Shlit"a. Continuing his father's mission, Harav Yida Leib is dedicated to nurturing Torah and Yiras Shomayim among the Yungeleit of the neighborhood.

Yoka Chechovitz is set to serve as a shining example of Avodas Hashem, preserving the legacy of the great tzadikim of Yoka and Chechovitz. Apart from functioning as a Beis Medrash and Heichel HaTorah, the synagogue will also be home to the distinguished Kollel Lhoroah. The introduction of this new Makom Torah and Tefilah showcases the continued growth of the Boro Park community.

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