Special Yom Tov Project: 24 Hours Around Boro Park (Part 3)

Special Yom Tov Project: 24 Hours Around Boro Park (Part 3)

3:00 pm– Heading home 

After a fulfilling, growth-filled day in cheder, these children are ready to go home to their waiting mothers who will nurture them through the afternoon and evening. 

3:30 pm- infusing the mundane with holiness 

Many tzaddikim have spoken about the  greatness of Yidden who drop everything in the middle of a busy day to daven mincha as the sun begins to go down—a story on display all over Boro Park every day. 

4:00 pm- Hawking wares 

Despite the plethora of stores all around them, some still prefer the souk-style sale that takes place on tables on 13th Avenue. One of the more prominent ones is popped up outside the legendary Shomrei Shabbos Shul. 

4:30 pm - Squaring corners 

Every day the truck be found at another location in Boro Park—making it convenient for Boro Parkers to have their tefillin checked and repaired.

5:00 pm- Catching up 

After they spent their days at their respective yeshivos, the boys of the neighborhood come together for some good old-fashioned ball playing. 

5:30 pm- Inscribing in the tree of life 

Hachnosas Sifrei Torah are one of the beautiful features of life in Boro Park. Seemingly every other week, crowds will be seen joyfully escorting the sifrei Torah to their new home. 

6:00 pm- A day of toil concludes 

Around this time, hundreds of Kollel yungeleit close their gemaros and Shulchan aruch, heading home to their supportive families. 

6:30 pm– Gam zu l’tovah 

A feature of Boro Park life is the almost-unavoidable parking ticket. Meters do not need to be fed past 7:00, leaving meter mates enough to time to get in some last summonses around 6:30. 

7:00 pm- Closing up 

After a hopefully-successful retail day, working to make a parnassah for their families, shopkeepers shutter their gates, bringing a gradual stillness to the busy Boro Park thoroughfares. 

7:30 pm – Advocating for their community

Many evenings will find community leaders and activists meeting to discuss important issues facing the community. 

8:00 pm- Perusing and browsing 

As night falls, many bachurim and yungeleit fall into seforim stores that remain open especially for them to be able to browse the latest selection in a never-ending stream of published works. 

8:30 pm- Not missing a day 

Throughout Boro Park, men who spent their entire day at work, set aside this time for a set shiur or learning b’chavrusa.

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