Special Yom Tov Project: 24 Hours Around Boro Park (Part 2)

Special Yom Tov Project: 24 Hours Around Boro Park (Part 2)

10:00 am- The Kollel Rush 

The precious Kollel Yungeleit of Boro Park—many of whom have dropped off their youngsters at their daycare centers on the way—are rushing to be in time for seder, where they will put in a day of toil in Torah.

10:30 am- Raising their Voices 

By now the young children have gotten comfortable in their classrooms, and are ready to raise their voices in learning and davening. 

11:00 am- Rushing to save lives 

It is mid-morning, and somewhere in Boro Park a Yid is feeling unwell and in need of medical attention. Within seconds, their fellow Yidden—our dedicated Hatzolah members—will be on the scene to care for them. 

11:30 am- The intensity continues 

With pure hearts and clear minds, our Talmud Torah boys are immersing themselves in the lines of their precious gemaras under the guidance of their melamdim.

12:00 pm- Greetings in writing 

It’s noon, and the dedicated U.S. Postal workers are hard at work. As the saying goes, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” 

12:30 pm- The last minyonim 

Whether they spent the morning hours immersed in preparations for davening, or they were otherwise occupied with mitzvos and good deeds, this is a time that we will find the last of the minyonim wrapping up as chatzos approaches. 

1:00- A Torah Tradition 

For close to thirty years, this hour in the day has been sacred for scores of men who drop everything in order to get in this shiur at Irgun Shiurei Torah, located in the Stoliner shul. 

1:30 pm-  A well-deserved break 

It is lunchtime, and the children of the chadorim are in the (closed off) streets, rejuvenating themselves before resuing their learning. 

2:00 pm- Chaverim Call Yisroel. 

Somewhere in Boro Park, a frantic person has dropped their car keys—or some other valuable item—into the sewer drain. Chaverim volunteers will stop at nothing to retrieve it. 

2:30 pm- Selling holiness. 

He sits in his shop, just like hundreds of shopkeepers all around him—only he is different. Here, customers come to purchase all kinds of tashmishei kedushah that they will use in their avodas Hashem. 

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