The Spotted Lanternfly Strikes Again

The Spotted Lanternfly Strikes Again

M.C. Millman

It's that time of year again to be on the lookout for pesky spotted lanternflies, notorious for their significant threat to a wide range of crops.

The spotted lanternfly was first discovered in New York City in July  2020 after arriving from Asia. They can be spotted as early as April throughout the state and other locations. These pests feed on more than 70 plants critical to the state's agriculture, including grapevines, hops, maple trees, walnuts, fruit trees, and others, as reported last year by BoroPark24 here .

According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, we can all play a part in protecting New York from infestation. 

Learn how to identify the spotted lanternfly. Use the poster here  to see images of the fly at different stages. 

Inspect outdoor items such as firewood, vehicles, and furniture for egg masses.

If you visit other states with spotted lanternflies, be sure to check all equipment and gear before leaving. Scrape off any egg masses.

Destroy egg masses by scraping them into a bucket of hot, soapy water or a baggie/jar of hand sanitizer.

Report if you believe you've found a spotted lanternfly in New York. Take pictures of the insect, egg masses and/or infestation signs as described above (include something for scale such as a coin or ruler) and email to [email protected] OR fill out this reporting form here. Please note the location (address, intersecting roads, landmarks or GPS coordinates).

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