Two Veteran Pols Enter Presidential Race on Republican Ticket

Two Veteran Pols Enter Presidential Race on Republican Ticket

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As we inch closer to the first Republican primaries, two well-known politicians have entered the race this week.

After filing paperwork earlier in the week, Vice-President Mike Pence will formally kick off his presidential campaign today from Iowa, a state his ticket won in 2016. He will be challenging his own former boss, President Donald Trump, for the Republican nomination.

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from New Hampshire has also entered the race, where he will be challenging his one-time friend and ally Donald Trump.

A veteran political writer and observer told BoroPark24 regarding the Pence campaign, "He's a truly fine man who would be great for the Jewish community if elected, but his path— riding a supposed wave of anti-Trumpism— does not exist in any practical form."

At the same time, Christie, he says, "will make the debates interesting."

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