BDE: R’ Chaim Aryeh Spitz, z”l

BDE: R’ Chaim Aryeh Spitz, z”l

By: Boropark24 staff

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Rav Chaim Aryeh Spitz, a scion of a great Rabbinic family, and a Talmid chochom and eved Hashem in his own right. He was in his early nineties. 

The niftar was the son of Rav Meir Spitz, zt”l, the Bistricer Rov, and hailed from a long line of Rabbonim in the town of Bistric, and elsewhere in Hungary. 

After many years of residing in Boro Park, the niftar moved to Lakewood to be near his children. 

He was niftar on Monday evening. 

The Levaya will take place at the Bictricer Shul, 5202 12th Avenue, at 10:30 this morning. 

Yehi Zichro baruch

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