BDE: Reb Avrohom Zev Kaufman, z”l

BDE: Reb Avrohom Zev Kaufman, z”l

We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of Reb Avrohom (Bumi) Kaufman, z”l, a longtime Boro Park resident, a pillar of the Satmar and Chuster Kehillos. He was 96 years of age.

The Kaufman family is among the most prestigious in the Satmar kehillah—and actually originates in Satmar. Reb Avorhom Zev was born in Satmer in 1925, to his father Reb Chaim Aryeh, a great yerei Shomayim who was close to the Satmar Rov. He tragically lost his father in the 1934, when he was nine years old—and the poverty that the family lived with was only compounded following this.

Along with his brother, the legendary ba’al tzeddakah Reb Lipa Kaufman, z”l, he learned under the Satmar Rov, the Divrei Yoel, in the yeshiva in Satmar. He would lose his mother and two siblings in the war, surviving alone with his brother and sister (Mrs. Esther Weissman, a”h).

Following the war, the Kaufman brothers were among the inner circle of the Divrei Yoel as he set about rebuilding from the churban. He became an ardent supporter of Satmar, and a pillar of the Sigheter Beis Medrash in Boro Park under the leadership of the Beirach Moshe, and remained there to the end of his life.

He would regularly attend the chumash seuda of the Satmar cheder, and loved nothing more than to see the future generations thriving in the ways of yore, following the terrible destruction that he had witnessed during the war.

His chessed extended beyond large causes; every child was precious in his eyes. Until three weeks ago, he always sat outside his home giving candies and smiles to children. In the summers, he doted upon the children who did not go to camp—their trusted friend who showered them with sweets and good words.

Reb Avrohom leaves behind a beautiful Torah family, and an admiring Satmar kehillah who have lost yet one more like to the past.

The levaya will take place today, Wednesday, in Shomrei Hadas at 3:00

Yehi Zichro Baruch


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