Mayor will not Consider Vaccine Mandate for NYC Schoolchildren

Mayor will not Consider Vaccine Mandate for NYC Schoolchildren

      by Yehudit Garmaise

     Mayor de Blasio said this morning that “at this point” he will not consider for New York City schoolchildren a mandate for the COVID vaccine.

     Although the New York chapter of the American Academy Pediatrics unequivocally recommends, a reporter pointed out this morning at the mayor’s press conference, the mayor will not allow parents who will not consent to get their children vaccinated to keep those children out of school. 

     “It is very much in my mind a question of what is going to help the kids the most,” Mayor de Blasio said. “Our kids need to be in school.

     “We can’t hold against our kids the decisions of adults because the kids can’t get vaccinated without the adults’ consent.”

     “There are too many adults who, unfortunately, are not ready to give that consent.

     “I want those kids in school: no matter what.”

     The schools, the mayor, and his top physicians have said repeatedly, “are extraordinarily safe because we have that vaccine mandate for the adults and so many other health and safety measures.”

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