Lag BaOmer in New Jersey

  • May 23 2024
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  • 4:56 PM

Living Legacy: The Saraf of Molgenitza

Yehuda Alter The fifteenth of Iyar marks the yohrtzeit of Rav Chaim Meir Yechiel Shapira, known as the Saraf of Molgenitza, one of.... read more

Photo Gallery: Yurtzeit Seuda of the Sorvosh Rov Zt”l

photos by: Avrumi Berger/JDN.... read more

Photo Gallery: Pesach Sheini in Bobov in Monsey

photos by: Y. Stein.... read more

NYPD On Alert for Reckless Driving This Memorial Day Weekend

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the NYC DOT, NYPD, and MADD announced at a press conference today the annual initiative to crack down on speeding.... read more

Skulen Lag Ba’omer Hadlaka Cancelled

The Skulener Rebbe’s hadlaka on 54th Street has been an integral part of Boro Park’s Lag Ba’omer celebrations for the past few years, with.... read more

New Memorial Planned for Post 9/11 Fallen Soldiers Of New York

Mayor Eric Adams and NYC Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) Commissioner James W. Hendon announced plans today for a new 9/11 memorial to be.... read more

Memorial Day Traffic Predictions

If you’re planning to travel over the next few days, don’t. Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and AAA is predicting record.... read more

Train Tracks and A Housing Crisis

On Tuesday, June 18, the Community Board will hold a meeting that can potentially change the face of Boro Park forever. Officials.... read more

Airport Ground Stops As Thunderstorm Brews

Weather conditions are worsening across New York as an unexpected storm gains momentum. JFK, LGA, and EWA airports have all come.... read more

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

The National Weather Service of New York have issued a weather alert for the region as an unexpected storm gathers momentum, poised to bring heavy.... read more

Another Two Skimming Criminals Caught

Two more skimming suspects are now off the streets, thanks to Williamsburg Shomrim.As EBT skimming devices continue to be found in.... read more

Multiple Flyovers Expected in Citywide Fleet Week Celebrations

This week, the city will see many flyovers, with military aircraft and additional events, as part of the Fleet Week celebrations, as read more

Minyan Tehillim For Kosov Rebbe

The Kosov kehilla are holding two Tefillah asifahs today to say Tehillim for the refuah sheleima for the.... read more

Alert: Never Leave a Child in a Vehicle

Much to everyone’s delight, the weather is finally getting warm again, bringing everyone out of their winter hibernation and back to the.... read more

Photo Gallery: Third Bobover Business Expo

photos by: Achim Lanchevsky.... read more