Photo Gallery: Preparations for Yom Tov in Boro Park - Part 3

Photos by: Avrhmi Blum.... read more

Gov. Hochul Says: 2023 Budget provides “Historic Levels of Financial Support” to New Yorkers

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter signing the $220 billion budget for New York on April 9, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced several tax-relief programs that she.... read more

Photo Gallery: Preparations for Yom Tov in Boro Park - Part 2

Photos by: Avrhmi Blum.... read more

Mayor Adams Anticipates Rise in Crime with Rise in Temperatures: Plans to Add More NSTs

 By Yehudit GarmaiseThe hotter the temperatures outside, the more crime heats up, according to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Justice,.... read more

Amazon and other Large Retailers Grapple With What to Do with Mountains of Returns

 By Yehudit GarmaiseAmericans love retailers that make returns easy, however, retail giants like Amazon then must solve the problem of what to.... read more

BDE: R’ Refoel Yitzchok Grun, z”l

By: Boropark24 StaffWe are saddened to inform you of the passing of R’ Refoel Yehuda Grun of Boro Park. He was eighty years of age. He was born in.... read more

Culinary Corner: Nut Crunch Shards

These will be the perfect pesach snack! They’re sweet, crunchy, and absolutely delicious! They can also be used as a beautiful decoration for all.... read more

First 100 Days: Mayor Adams Lays the Foundations for a Safe, Ordered City

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter campaigning on promises to restore public safety and civic order to New York City, and then serving his first 100 days in.... read more

Photo Gallery: Wedding in Courts of Dombrova, Kosov and Sanz Gribov

Photos by: Avrhumi Berger.... read more

Weekly Weather: Rainy, then Warming up

By: Yaker BiegeleisenFollowing a wet weekend, we have a chance for some more rain in the beginning of the week, ahead of a warmer week. We see a.... read more

Memory Lane: Rabbi Dovber Marton (II)

Bridging the old and the newA name in one year Last week we began to tell the story of Rabbi Dov Ber Marton, a child of a distinguished.... read more

NYPD’s Neighborhood Safety Teams Remove Guns, Restore Order to City’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

By Yehudit GarmaiseIn Mayor Eric Adams’ first 100 days in office, the NYPD has removed 1,100 illegal guns from the streets, he said on NY1 on.... read more

Terror Next Door: Horrific Crime Spree against Lakewood Residents Friday

By: Yehuda AlterA terrifying chain of crimes were perpetrated against a number of residents of the Lakewood community, leaving two of them in.... read more

Photo Gallery: Kids of Talmud Torah Krasna visiting the Skulen Rebbe

Photos by: Avrhom Moshe S..... read more

Weekend Weather: More Rain for Shabbos

By: Yaker BiegeleisenThursday saw almost record rain levels, and there were some pretty strong winds overnight—all thanks to a combination of high.... read more

Disgraced Former Gov. Cuomo Officially not Running as a Democrat, Considers Running as An Independent

By Yehudit GarmaiseDisgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has released two campaign-style television appearances, has not submitted the required.... read more

Gershi Uri - Kusiv - Featuring Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Yedidim

It's hard to describe in small words this unforgettable event that took place a few weeks ago at The Palace Ballroom in Boro Park. In honor of.... read more