BDE: Reb Chaim Hersh Schwimmer, z"l

YS Gold We regret to inform you of the petirah of Reb Chaim Hersh Schwimmer, z"l, a Satmar chossid renowned  for his yiras.... read more

Readers Write: Frustration with JetBlue Flight After 12-Hour Delays and Mistreatment

Dear BoroPark24,I am writing to share my recent harrowing experience on a JetBlue flight and to shed light on the mistreatment endured by.... read more

Take Your Foot Off The Pedal; Sammy’s Law Has Passed

Governor Hochul was joined today by Mayor Adams and activists to celebrate the passing of Sammy’s Law, which will allow NYC to lower the speed.... read more

Snapshot: Weinberger’s Photography

When Shmily Weinberger bought his first camera on a whim, he didn’t think it would turn into a full-time job. Shmily Weinberger,.... read more

DOT Announces Plan for Secure Bike Parking Network

Bikes are the transportation mode of choice for more than 600,000 NYC residents every day. With designated bike lanes and city bikes available for.... read more

Just In: Vien Rav Will Spend Shavuous In Boro Park

News just came in that the Vien Rav, who resides in Williamsburg, will be spending Shavuos with his Chassidim in Boro Park.The Rav has done.... read more

BQE Construction Delayed Until 2028

Major construction work that was expected to start on the BQE has been delayed for at least 5 more years, as per an update announced.... read more

Prospect Park Zoo Announces They Will Reopen This Spring

After almost 8 months, the Prospect Park Zoo is finally reopening. Eight months ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced.... read more

Bobov-45 Rebbe to Lead Exclusive Shabbos for Benefactors

Bobov-45 chassidim are getting ready to participate in an uplifting Shabbos with the Rebbe in the Armon Hotel in Connecticut. Over.... read more

DOT Launches Outdoor Dining Marketplace For Vendors

The Department of Transportation (DOT) on May 6 launched the Dining Out NYC Marketplace, a new innovative way to reimagine the restaurant scene in.... read more

Photo Gallery: Yurtzeit of the Sanz Rov Zy”u by Admorim and Rabbonim in Boro Park

Gallery includes: Beis Chaim Shia, Sanz Zmigrad, Ridnik, Zmigrad..... read more

Photo Gallery: Bobover Rebbe Visits the New Bobover Cheider Building

photos by: Achim Lanchevsky.... read more

New Vinderkind On Shelves Now

With the new month of Iyar comes the much-anticipated new edition of the Vinderkind magazine and USB. This edition, like all Vinderkind editions,.... read more

New Law Classifies Retail Theft and Assault as A Felony

Governor Hochul joined a coalition of retail workers and small business owners to announce a new law aiming to protect small businesses. The new.... read more