Around the House: Safely Storing Jewelry

By Yehudit Garmaise“Of course the women in the midbar didn’t give their jewelry to help those who wanted to make a cheit ha egal,”.... read more


After the resounding success of Makdim’s Health Awareness Event for men this past July, the organization's founders have been inundated with.... read more

Snapshot: Keeping Kitchens Kurrent in Boro Park for Six Years

BoroPark24 StaffYitzi Bernstein and his father, Yossi, opened Kurrent Kitchen and Bath six years ago and opened their new showroom this.... read more

Group of Boro Park Men Stops Mid-Highway to Pick Up Road Hazards

YS Gold A group of Boro Park men helped avoid serious damage to many vehicles this afternoon, and created a kiddush Hashem in the.... read more

BoroPark24 to Publish Annual Winter “Early Mincha” List: Submissions Welcome

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New York State Announces $75 Million Plan to Help Prevent Hate Crimes

by M.C. MillmanA new multi-faceted, $75 million plan to address and prevent the rise in hate and bias crimes across New York includes.... read more

Boro Park Today: Simchos and Celebrations - Monday, 22 Chesvon / Nov. 6

Wedding: Son of Pinches Wertzberger to the daughter of Yisroal Nachmi Tzeitlin, in Kerem Menachem. read more

NYPD Must Allow Filming in Station: Federal Judge

YS Gold A federal judge ordered the NYPD to allow filming inside the precinct, while they wait for the outcome of a lawsuit on.... read more

Photo Gallery: Chanikas Habeyis and Kevias Mezuzah for the New Talmud Torah Bobov-45

photos by: Avrumi Blum, Issac Y..... read more

Free Natural Gas Detectors and Smoke Detectors Easily Available in NYC

By Yehudit GarmaiseTo prevent dangerous explosions that, chas v’shalom, can result from gas leaks from appliances, such as hot water.... read more

Photo Gallery: Toldos Ahron Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Boro Park

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Revel Removing Mopeds from Boro Park Streets

by M.C. MillmanAfter five years of the bright blue Revel mopeds streaking through the streets of Boro Park, the company announced Friday.... read more

BDE: Reb Sheftel Kugelman, z”l

YS Gold We regret to inform you of the passing of Reb Shefta Zev (Sheftel) Kugelman, z”l, a one of the senior, chashuve Stoliner.... read more

Junior Chef: Banana Pancakes

No Junior Chef pro is going to be able to bear missing out on making this charming creation. And the rest of the family - they'll go.... read more