Captured Moment: The Rebbe’s Shtiebel

Captured Moment: The Rebbe’s Shtiebel

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This week’s captured moment takes us to the Fourteenth Avenue area, and to a home-turned-shtiebel of one of America’s illustrious Admorim of the previous generation. Today, it still continues to function as a shtiebel, and is led by the grandson of the Rebbe. 

Can any of our readers tell us the location? 


Answer to last week’s captured moment: 

Yeshiva Etz Chaim was Boro Park’s first full-day yeshiva, and in the photo, we see the children of the school dressed up for Purim. The yeshiva was located at the corner of 13th Avenue and 50th Street, the building was eventually thrown down and a new business building was built there, today occupied by Eichler’s Judaica.

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