Living Legacy: Rebbe Avrohom Yaakov of Sadiger on his Tenth Yohrtzeit

Yehuda AlterThursday, the 19th of Teves, marks one decade since the passing of the Sadigerer Rebbe, known as the Ibvei Abirim. He was born in.... read more

Shomrim to Add Patrols During Shovavim

by BoroPark24Shomrim of Boro Park is adding shifts for members to drive around Boro Park for the next few weeks during Leil Shishi for the six weeks.... read more

Boyaner Rebbe's Sons and Emissaries to Spend Shabbos amid Boyaner Kehillos

By: BZ GreenThree sons of the Boyaner Rebbe, shlit”a, are currently in America, having arrived here Sunday evening with an important mission from.... read more

Brooklyn Internet Cafe Patrons Robbed by Two Armed Assailants

BoroPark24 StaffTwo armed men and a pair of accomplices robbed several customers at an internet cafe in Brooklyn around 2:00 a.m. Wednesday,.... read more

DOT Delays BQE’s Ticketing Program that would Reduce the Overweight Trucks that Destroy the Aging Road

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe ever-increasing number of large trucks rumbling down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) compromise the already crumbling.... read more

FAA Blames Flight Catastrophe on "Damaged Database File"

Mindy Cohn After a computer outage grounded thousands of flights Wednesday morning, as reported on BoroPark24 here,  the Federal Aviation.... read more

New York Nurses Strike Ends

By M.C. MillmanThe New York City nurse's strike that dragged out for almost four days at two major New York City hospital systems ended this morning.... read more

Gas Prices Predicted to Drop

by BoroPark24 StaffAAA predicts that gas prices will drop due to a decrease in demand. The organization says that prices went up during the.... read more

Photo Gallery: Dinner for Mosdos Burshtin

Photo Gallery: Dinner for Belz Kolel in Boro Park

Photos by: Avrhumi Berger.... read more

Gov. Hochul Hopes to Raise Cigarette Tax and Ban Flavored Vaping Products

By Yehudit Garmaise Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to encourage the next generation of New Yorkers to stay "tobacco-free generation," by proposing.... read more

Today in History: National Milk Day

M.C. Millman Today was chosen as Milk Day in America because milk was delivered to customers in glass bottles for the first time in the country on.... read more

Car Accident Involving Police Cruiser

by BoroPark24Two patients were taken to the hospital after a speeding car going in the wrong direction ran a red light and crashed into a police.... read more

Snapshot: At Benny's, eating out is like being 'a guest at our home'

By David J. GlennIf you could make fresh, kosher pizza with all kinds of toppings, along with calzones, falafel balls, and the array of other popular.... read more

Mayor Adams Expands Work to Prevent Flooding During Intense Rainfall

By Yehudit GarmaiseTo prevent citywide flooding during intense rainfalls, Mayor Eric Adams is expanding the city’s “Cloudburst Program,” to.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Reitza Forleger-Bryn, a"h, Last Surviving Grandchild of Bnei Shileishim of Kosson

By: Yehuda AlterWe are saddened to inform you about the untimely passing of Mrs. Reitza Forlerger-Bryn months shy of her hundredth birthday. She.... read more

TalkKosher Mega Communications Store Opens in Boro Park

By: Yehuda Alter Following their success in Williamsburg, Monsey, the Catskills, and Lakewood, TalkKosher Boro Park is now the ‘talk of.... read more