TODAY: Yom Tefillah Around Community in Light of Fateful Hearing

TODAY: Yom Tefillah Around Community in Light of Fateful Hearing

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At 1:30 this afternoon, our community will present its plea to a judge who will rule on whether the government has the right to intrude on the chinuch in our yeshivos. This is a fateful hearing which will determine the future of the chinuch of our children. 

Multiple kehillos have designated today as a yom tefillah to storm the Heavens for our success in this most important of areas.

The Rachmastrivka Kehillah will gather for tehillim in advance of a fateful court hearing with regard to the governments’ ability to oversee chinuch in our yeshivos.

This morning, the Bobover Rebbe got up before kriyas haTorah, and asked his chassidim to have in mind this gezeirah as the aron kodesh is opened, an auspicious time for tefillah. 

Thousands of children and young adults will pause their learning at the fateful time of 1:30—the scheduled time of the debate—and take the Tehillim into their hands, imploring Hashem for the nullification of this terrible decree. 

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