United States Hits $31.4 Trillion Debt Limit, Treasury to take ‘Extraordinary Measures’

By: BZ GreenThursday, the United States officially hit the debt limit of 31.4 trillion dollars—and, given the heightened partisanship in.... read more

DEP Expands Sound-Detection Program, Will Issue Summonses to Owners of Loud Vehicles

By: BZ GreenOwners of vehicles whose mufflers emit a loud sound may be hit with a summons of up to $800 thanks to the expansion of a pilot program.... read more

GE Appliances Launches Production on Refrigerators Complete with “Enhanced Shabbos Mode”

By Yehudit Garmaise Last Pesach, General Electric Appliances (GEA) introduced a new line of ovens that include Enhanced Shabbos Mode (ESM), and.... read more

Photo Gallery: Kinus for Sofrim in Boro Park

Photos by: Achim Lenchevsky .... read more

Veteran Askan Shlomo Werdiger Visits Israel to Solidify Ties With New Government

By: Yochonon DonnVeteran askan Shlomo Werdiger paid a whirlwind visit to Eretz Yisroel this past weekend to solidify ties between the United.... read more

Mail Theft Around the State is Increasing

M.C. MillmanThis month, a consumer alert was issued, warning New Yorkers about their vulnerability due to rising mail theft events.Attorney General.... read more

Repairs for Flooding on the Corner of 17th Avenue and 60th Street Underway

By BoroPark24 StaffAfter consistent flooding issues at the corner of 17th Avenue and 60th Street, repairs are finally underway to correct the.... read more

Holland Tunnel Will Close Overnight Through 2025

M.C. MillmanThe Port Authority announced on Tuesday that the New Jersey-bound side of the Holland Tunnel would be closed during off-peak hours.... read more

NO MORE POTHOLES: Advocates For Better Roads Call for Additional $1.12 Billion in NY State Budget

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe bumps, cracks, and potholes on New York’s roads should be quickly repaired to provide smooth and safe driving, say advocates.... read more

Bank of America Customers Missing Money in Accounts due to Zelle Glitch

By: BZ GreenTens of thousands of Bank of America customers awoke on Wednesday morning to find that their accounts were lower than they should have.... read more

JFK Plane Woes Continue to Take-Off

by M.C. MillmanThis week has not been a good one for John F. Kennedy Airport as the second mishap in under a week took place early Wednesday.... read more

Today in History: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 80 Years Later

By: BZ GreenIt was the winter of 1943, and Poland’s Jews had been under the boot of the Nazis, ym”sh, for more than three years. The occupants of.... read more

US House Oversight Committee Investigates Widespread Unemployment Insurance Fraud in NY

By Yehudit GarmaiseNew York business owners statewide have bemoaned employees filing fraudulent claims through their unemployment insurance, which is.... read more

Culinary Corner: Hummus Board

A great way to serve a crowd in a unique way is by making a hummus board! Whip up a batch of silky homemade hummus, spread it on a board and top with.... read more

MTA Sets Course for New Bike Path on the Verrazano

by Mindy CohnA year after sharing plans for promoting bike lanes that connect all five boroughs, the MTA released its new 92-page strategic action.... read more

Photo Gallery: Dirshu Siyum on Chaburas Horuah in America

Photos by: Yossi Goldberger.... read more

Frank Olive Ladies Hat Store to Open Thirteenth Avenue Location

By: BZ Green 4602 13th Avenue has been host to many retail locations on this commercial strip, but for at least a decade, it has been occupied.... read more