Photo Gallery: Kinus Nshei Klal Yisroel - Part 2

Photos by: Yossi Goldberger and Achim Lenchevsky.... read more

Photo Gallery: Kinus Nshei Klal Yisroel - Part 1

Photos by: Yossi Goldberger and Achim Lenchevsky.... read more

Iconic Jumbo Jet, A380, to Return to the Skies Following Hiatus

By: Yehuda Alter Covid dealt a severe blow to the aviation industry, and record-high fuel prices are not helping. Nevertheless, the super.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Pearl Brisk, a”h

By: Boropark24 staffWe are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Brisk, a”h. She was in her nineties.The nifteres was a patriarch of the.... read more

NY Supreme Court Rules Against City Council: Noncitizens May Not Vote

While the New York City Council passed a law that would allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections, a State Supreme Court judge ruled against.... read more

Even NYC Mayor Shocked by "How Bad This Place Is"

Mayor Eric Adams expressed how shocked he was to learn "how bad this place is" when he spent three hours with a team of NY police officers as they.... read more

Continuing Minyanim of Tehillim Throughout the day for Rachmastrivka Rebbes Recovery

By Boropark24 Staff As the Rachmastrivka Rebbe remains hospitalized with pneumonia, chassidim—and thousands across the world—are maintaining.... read more

Photo Gallery: Dinner for Yeshivas Serdaheli

Photos by: A. Gefen.... read more

Today: 120th Yohrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Ehrenreich, Kever in Boro Park

It is difficult to believe, but America at the turn of the century boasted quite a number of tremendous talmidei chachomim—despite the fact that.... read more

Catskills Hatzalah is pleased to announce the launch of its Drone Team

The Drone Team brings advanced capabilities to the Catskills Hatzalah Search and Rescue Team and other special operations.Thanks to an anonymous.... read more

Photo Gallery: Hachnusas Seifer Torah by the Kleinvardein Rov

Photos by: Avrhumi Blum.... read more

Photos and Videos: Firefighters Battle Three-Alarm Blaze on 6th Avenue

Firefighters were battling a three-alarm fire on Sunday afternoon in a bicycle shop and a home above it on 6th Avenue and 57th Street.Videos showed.... read more

Boro Park Leaders Embrace for District Leader: Pinny Ringel, who Gets Results for the Community, while Remaining Loved by All

By Yehudit GarmaiseRepresentatives from all the kehillas of Boro Park gathered on Wednesday night at the Boro Park home of Meyer Weber to support.... read more

Culinary Corner: Horseradish Cured Salmon

Enjoy this delicacy that requires only five minutes of prep work!!1 lb salmon, skin off3-inch horseradish 2 cooked beets1/4 cup kosher salt1/4.... read more