BDE: Mrs. Lifsha Spira, a”h

YS Gold 

We regret to inform you of the petirah of Mrs. Lifsha Spira, a longtime Boro Park resident. She was 90 years of.... read more

$37.9 Million Awarded to New York Recipients of Federal NSGP Homeland Security Grants

by M.C. Millman

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), a Department of Homeland Security branch,.... read more

Photo Gallery: Erev and Motzei Rosh Hashanah in Bobov-45

photos by: Issac Y., Achim Lenchevsky

.... read more

Planned Closures for the BQE

C.G. Hoffman

The BQE is expected to have numerous closures soon for its long-awaited repairs. The DOT has announced that there will be full.... read more

Captured Moment: Tashlich

YS Gold 

As Yidden everywhere take their families to Tashlich, we bring you this image of man reciting tashlich at a body of water near.... read more

Biden In NY: 3-Day Visit to N.Y. Includes U.N. General Assembly Speech and Fundraisers

by Mindy Cohn

President Joe Biden's three-day New York visit schedule includes a U.N. General Assembly speech and three days of.... read more

NY Thruway Toll Authority Approves System-Wide Toll Increases

by M.C. Millman

The first system-wide toll increase in fourteen years was announced yesterday by.... read more

Photo Gallery: Erev and Motze Rosh Hashana by Rebbes and Rabonim in Boro Park - Part 2

Gallery includes: Skolya, Serdaheli, Liska, Burshtin, Chernobel, Emunas Yisroel, Rachmastrivka, Spinka, Skver BP

.... read more

Around the House: Complete Dish Duty Faster Than Ever With 10 Simple Tricks

By Yehudit Garmaise

Disposable aluminum pans for serving work well for freezing and serving during Yom Tov, but what about all the cooking.... read more

UJA- Federation of NY and CSI Allocate $400,000 to Local Safety Patrols

UJA-Federation of New York and the Community Security Initiative of JCRC-NY donated $400,000 right before Rosh Hashana to go toward an initiative.... read more

Photo Gallery: Erev and Motze Rosh Hashana in Bobov

photos by: Achim Lenchevsky

.... read more

Parking Meters Rates to Increase Mid-October

by Mindy Cohn

Starting October 16, New York City hourly parking meter rates will increase citywide. 

The rate change will vary.... read more

Photo Gallery: Erev and Motze Rosh Hashana by Rebbes and Rabonim in Boro Park - Part 1

This gallery includes: Sanz Zmigrad, Dinev BP, Beis Chaim Shia, Alexander, Amshinov 

.... read more

Another US Government Shutdown Looms

by Mindy Cohn

Yet another possible US government is rapidly approaching unless Congress enacts a stopgap spending bill that will work.... read more

New NYC Trade-In Program Approved to Prevent E-Bike Fires

by Mindy Cohn

In a vote on Thursday, the City Council approved the first-of-its-kind New York City-run trade-in program for electric bikes,.... read more

Weekly Weather: Rainy Start Followed by Sunny and Pleasant Week

Today will see showers for most of the morning and early afternoon, with temperatures near 70 degrees.

Tonight's clouds will clear by.... read more