Living Legacy: Rebbe Moshe of Ludmir, zy”a.

Thursday, 18 Shevat, marks the yohrtzeit of Rebbe Moshe Betzalel Gottlieb, the son of Rebbe Shloime of Karlin, zt”l, Hy”d, who was the second.... read more

US House Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Publicly Asks Ivanka Trump to Testify

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe US House of Representatives committee that is investigating the causes and perpetrators of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US.... read more

News Sparks: Unilever’s Stocks take a Dive after Israel Boycott; A cashier at a convenience store fired for anti-Semitic behavior and more

Unilever’s Stocks take a Dive after Israel BoycottA half a year after Unilever announced that it would be ending sales of its ice cream in.... read more

WATCH: You Are Doing It Anyways, Do It Right

Registration is now open for Sara Schenirer’s NEW Men’s Social Work Cohort!Join the Master’s in Social Work program, run through Sara.... read more

Mayor Eric Adams, Fulfilling his Promise, is taking first Paycheck in Crypto

“In New York we always go big, so I’m going to take my first THREE paychecks in Bitcoin when I become mayor,” Mayor Eric Adams said in.... read more

Gov. Hochul Completes Phase One of Interborough Express Line, which will Provide a Stop in Boro Park

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe first phase of the creation of a new Interborough Express that will run directly between Brooklyn and Queens, with a Boro Park.... read more

Crowd of Seniors Cram Boro Park JCC Seminar on Medicaid

BROOKLYN – They are in the years when medical care is uppermost in their mind, and they came to hear from the top experts on how best to manage.... read more

President Biden Touts US Economy's Strong Recovery in his First Year

By Yehudit GarmaiseOne year ago today, President Joe Biden was inaugurated in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, and public health.... read more

BDE: Reb Moshe Wieder, z”l

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Moshe Wieder, z”l. he was 74. His father was R’ Avrohom Yekusiel Wieder, an ardent.... read more

Advertorial: Chasidic Grad Sets his Sights on a Career Combining Mental Health and Law Enforcement

Touro SLE student Berel Elewitz shares how Touro is helping him pursue his educational and career goals while remaining in sync with his personal.... read more

President Biden Says, “I Didn’t Over-Promise, I have Over-Performed”

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter a serving one year in office, President Joe Biden faces high inflation, stalled legislation, such as the Build Back Better.... read more

Storm Approaches from North, Bringing Snow in Early Morning Hours

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen After a reprieve today with some mild weather in the upper 40’s, the cold weather returns in force in the overnight.... read more

Mayor Adams Consolidates all City’s Technology Agencies into One Efficient Office

By Yehudit Garmaise Mayor Eric Adams signed today an executive order that consolidated New York City’s countless technology-related.... read more

BDE: Rebbetzin Rivka Miriam Turnheim, a”h

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Rebbetzin Turnheim, the rebbetzin of Volbroz-Krakow, who was a beloved figure in Boro Park for many.... read more

Mayor Adams to Increase Pedestrian Safety at 1,000 Intersections

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) will be making major design improvements at 1,000 intersections, where 79% of.... read more

Advertorial: Why I Chose a Career in Medicine : Moshe Bulmash Seeks to Make a Difference and Help People Live Healthier Lives

Touro School of Lifelong Education (SLE) alum Moshe Bulmash shares his journey from yeshiva to medical school, and how the personal attention he.... read more

NY AG Letitia James to Force Trumps to Testify in Court, after she Finds Evidence of Their Financial Wrongdoing

By Yehudit GarmaiseNew York Attorney General Letitia James, who said she has “uncovered significant evidence” that the Trump Organization.... read more