U.S. National Debt Surpasses Critical Milestone

Mindy Cohn 

The Treasury Department has relayed that the U.S. national debt hit a record high of $33.04 trillion earlier this.... read more

Photo Gallery: Rosh Hashanah in Uman

photos by: Sruli B.

.... read more

Hamaspik of Kings County to Undergo Major Renovation at Boro Park Offices

YS Gold 

This week it was announced that Hamaspik of Kings County, headquartered in Boro Park, has embarked on a major project to.... read more

MTA Introduces Safety Partitions After String of Attacks on Bus Drivers

by Mindy Cohn

In looking for ways to protect their bus drivers, the MTA is pushing to make safety.... read more

Esrogei Rieger Continues to Innovate By Adding a WhatsApp Order Form and Free Delivery in BP

By Yehudit Garmaise

After feeling frustrated with Boro Park’s old model of selling esrogim, which involved showing only a few options.... read more

NYC Rolls Out $55 Million Plan to Combat Car Thefts

M.C. Millman

New York State is rolling out a five-point plan called the Comprehensive Auto-Theft Reduction Strategy (CARS) to reduce the.... read more

THIS MONTH: Gourmet Glatt Is Doing 20% Better

by BoroPark24 Staff

Gourmet Glatt isn't just talking the talk - they're walking the walk by offering a special discount to bnei Torah,.... read more

Hochul Sued After Passing Bill to Expand Early Voting by Mail

by M.C. Millman

Representatives from the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee joined.... read more

Ditmas Children's Nursing & Rehab Patients Transported to Tashlich by Hatzolah

YS Gold 

It is that time of year, when people from all over make their way to the water to recite tashlich, beseeching Hashem for.... read more

Photo Gallery: Yurtzeit of the Dombrova Rebbe Zt"l

photos by: Issac Y.

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MEGA Dee Voch Sukkos Issue Going to Print: Be Seen by Tens of Thousands

Yehuda Alter 

The MEGA Dee Voch Sukkos edition is being prepared for print in these hours. Months of toil by writers and editors.... read more

Skolya Beis Medrash to Commence Huge Building Extension

YS Gold

Half a century after the previous Skolya Rebbe, zt”l, the grandfather of the current Rebbe, shlit”a, relocated to Boro Park and.... read more

Facts That Figure: Refrigerators

By: C.G. Hoffman

Who can imagine preparing for Yom Tov without a refrigerator or a freezer? Our.... read more

Beis Hora’ah Nitei Gavriel to Host Prominent Community Physicians in Advance of the Yom Kippur Fast

YS Gold 

The upcoming fast of Yom Kippur represents an important crossroads between medicine and halacha, often requiring a ruling.... read more

Dramatic Footage: Alert Shomrim Members Pursue and Apprehend Robbery Suspect

YS Gold 

At 12:15 Tuesday night, a suspect wielding a wrench threw a man to the ground outside the subway station on Fort Hamilton.... read more

Thousands of Children Will Gather in Boro Park for Annual Atzeres

YS Gold 

It is a nearly thirty-year tradition in which thousands of tinnokos shel beis rabban gather at the great Bobover Beis.... read more