Multiple Lightly Injured Following Vehicle Rollover on McDonald Ave

Multiple people were injured after two vehicles collided resulting in one of them rolling over on its side shortly before 3am early Monday morning,.... read more

3 Injured in Accident on 17th Avenue

Three people were injured when two vehicles collided on 17th Avenue and 65th Street late Wednesday night. The injured were treated by Hatzolah.Photo.... read more

TEHILLIM: Boy in Serious Condition Following Hit-and-Run on Ocean Parkway

By: BoroPark24 staffA Bachur was hit by an SUV on Sunday around 10:00 pm while riding a scooter across Ocean Parkway.The boy was riding down.... read more

Suspect Sought in Vehicle Robbery and Hit-and-Run

The NYPD released an image of a suspect in a vehicle robbery and a hit-and-run on the vehicle owner around a month ago on 14th Avenue and 40th.... read more

Airsoft Gun Discovered Inside the Lobby of Ateres Chynka Hall

by MC Millman Shomrim of Boro Park responded shortly after 5 PM to a call regarding suspicious bag at Ateres Chynka Hall on McDonald Avenue in.... read more

Individual Goes on a Crime Spree, Robbing Shul and Homeowners on Dahill Road

BoroPark24 StaffVideo footage taken at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday reveals the long trail of a light-fingered opportunist ready and willing to make the.... read more

Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Pedestrian on 13th Avenue

BoroPark24 StaffA white van was caught on video around 5:15 this evening as the driver ran down a pedestrian as she stepped off the curb at 13th Ave.... read more

Exclusive: Brazen Thieves Break Into Vehicle Making Off With Property Worth Thousands of Dollars

by M.C. MillmanA visit from Eretz Yisroel that was drawing to an end today came to an unhappy conclusion when the visitor was making some final.... read more

Elderly male Driver Accidentally Crashes into Parked Cars on 15th Ave.

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter losing control of his beige, decades-old Buick at 3:15am, an elderly male driver crashed into several parked cars on 15th.... read more

Fire Breaks Out in Toldos Avrum Yitzchok Shul

Dark plumes of smoke emanated from the windows of Toldos Avrum Yitzchok Shul after a fire broke out on the first floor of the building this.... read more

Driver of Vehicle Assaulted Overnight on Fort Hamilton Parkway

A person driving a vehicle was assaulted on Fort Hamilton Parkway and 46th Street at around 3:30am early Thursday morning, Shomrim told.... read more

Moped Driver in Critical Condition Following Accident in Early-Morning Hours

By: Boropark24 staff Shortly after 4:00 a.m. this morning, a moped driver ran a red light, colliding full-force into a Honda Accord. The impact.... read more

Teenager Assaulted on D Train at Boro Park Station

A male teenager who drifted asleep on the D train was assaulted at a Boro Park Subway Station Tuesday at around 4:30 pm.The assaulter punched the.... read more

Pedestrian Killed after Tripping and Falling while Running Across 4th Avenue

By Yehudit GarmaiseOn Saturday night, 66-year-old Jose Hernandez was struck by a car as he was lying on the ground after tripping and falling while.... read more

12th Ave Supermarket Robbed Early Friday Morning

At around 4:15 am on Friday morning a masked perpetrator broke into the 12th Ave Supermarket located on 12th Ave and 44th St before running off with.... read more

BREAKING: Arsonist Sets Fire to yeshiva School Bus

By: Boropark24 staff About two hours before shabbos, an arsonist set a bus belonging to the Yeshiva Horei Besomim-Strie ablaze. Despite efforts.... read more

Person Found Shot Inside Parked School Bus

A person was found with gunshot wounds suffering critical injuries inside a parked school bus on McDonald Avenue on Thursday morning.NYPD arrived to.... read more

Two Suspects Arrested After Attempting to Steal Catalytic Converters Overnight

Two suspects were arrested and a third managed to escape the NYPD after they attempted to steal a catalytic converter at around 4:00am on Thursday.... read more