Drunk Driver Arrested After Rear-Ending Another Vehicle

A person has been arrested with the help of Shomrim for driving while under the influence after read-ending another vehicle on 20th Avenue and 60th.... read more

Woman Hit by Train on 62nd St and New Utrecht Ave

Multiple emergency vehicles arrived at the scene on 62nd St and New Utrecht Ave where a woman was hit by a train, Thursday afternoon. The victim.... read more

1982 Coffee Roasters, a Boro Park Trademark, now Serving from a Food Truck on 18

The beloved 1982 Coffee Roasters, which has served many happy customers on 13th Ave and 54th St for the past few years, is now serving customers from.... read more

Suspect Arrested for Stealing Laptop, Other Valuables from Medical Van

A suspect has been arrrested by the NYPD with the help of Shomrim for breaking into a van early Sunday morning and stealing valuable items including.... read more

Gunman arrested and gun recovered thanks to Shmira Shabbos patrol units

On friday evening at around 6:00 PM when the streets are packed with people going to shul & to simchus, a Shmira shabbos patrol unit was flagged.... read more

NYPD Arrests Suspect in Hate Crime Outside Tenka Shul Last Year

The NYPD has arrested a 40-year-old suspect for an alleged hate crime outside the Tenka Shul on 12th Avenue last year.The incident occurred on.... read more

Elderly Yeshiva Bus Driver Ruthlessly Attacked by Five Teens

An elderly yeshiva bus driver was viciously attacked by a group of impudent teens Thursday morning in a parking lot on 17th Ave and 49th St. The.... read more

A Woman, nearly Scammed by Con Artist, was Saved by Shomrim

The woman received a phone call from a swindler with a fabricated story claiming that her sister was in a major accident and is in desperate need of.... read more

Accident on 18th Avenue Leaves Elderly Woman in Critical Condition

An elderly woman, crossing the street on 18th Ave and East 2nd St at about 10:30 this morning was forcefully hit by a car and is in critical.... read more

$30,000 in Cash Stolen from Boro Park Apartment, Suspect on the Loose

By: Boropark24 StaffA family residing in the apartment building in the 14th Avenue and 51st Street area was mortified to return home Motzei Shabbos.... read more

Anti-Semites Try to Scare Jews with Fireworks in BP and Williamsburg on Friday Night

By Yehudit GarmaiseA Boro Park resident, who was walking home at 10:15pm on 15th Avenue, between 47th and 48th Avenues on Friday night, reported that.... read more

Two Men Brandish Firearm During Dispute on Fort Hamilton Pkwy Early Thursday Morning

Two suspects got into a dispute with a food truck that’s parked on New Utrecht Ave near 44th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway on Thursday early.... read more

NYPD Search for Car Theft Suspect

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe NYPD 66th Precinct is looking for the young, black man who appears in the photo, for stealing a car on Feb. 6 at approximately.... read more

NYPD 66th Precinct Walk Out Sergeant Lane, who Retires after 38 Years

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe 66th Precinct is respectfully walking out of its building Sergeant Dennis Lane, who has served in the NYPD for more than 38.... read more