Fire on 16th Ave and 79th St fills the Area with Smoke

By: Toby FriedmanA slew of firefighters responded to a three-alarm blaze that broke out in the corner building of 79th St and 16th Ave.Heavy smoke.... read more

Suspects on a Motorcycle Ruthlessly Grab a Woman’s Purse

By: Toby FriedmanNYPD Crime Stoppers are searching for two suspects involved in a robbery that occurred this Sunday on 57th St and 8th Ave.Two males.... read more

Sanitation Truck Hits Subway Pole, Driver Extracted by Emergency Crews

By: Boropark24 staff Around 3:40 a.m. early Wednesday morning, a sanitation truck belonging to Action Sanitation slammed into a pole supporting.... read more

Boro Park Shmira Puts end to Slew of Burglaries of High-end Auto Parts

By: Yehuda AlterAfter receiving multiple complaints, the last few weeks for catalytic converters (a vehicles’ exhaust emission control device).... read more

Man Arrested for Stealing a Car on 16th Ave and 50th St

Shomrim successfully chased down a perpetrator who stole a car this afternoon. At around 2:20 pm, a male sat into a vehicle parked on 50th St.... read more

Exclusive: A Mother of a Special-Needs-Boy Talks about the Lack of Male Volunteers

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile all children require special activities, connections with friends, and special treats to stay happy and occupied over.... read more

Bobov 45 Board Members Deliver Chocolate Arrangements to Neighboring Families

Amid the hectic preparations and major excitement brought upon by the Evan Hapinah, Bobov 45 board members did not forget to show consideration and.... read more

Traffic Advisory: Street Closures, Temporary MTA Bus Routes, and More Due to Bobov 45 Evan Hapinah

In light of the celebratory day in the court of Bobov-45 where the community is celebrating the Hanochas Even Hapinah for the Bobov-45 Beis Medrash,.... read more

Pedestrian Killed in Accident on Ave P and West 1st St

A pedestrian was fatally struck in an accident in which two cars collided at the intersection of Ave P and West 1st St at 10:18 this morning.The.... read more

Hatzalah Ambulance Flipped Over While Responding to Emergency

A Hatzalah ambulance driving to an emergency call was flipped over on its side after being side-swapped by an oncoming vehicle at the intersection of.... read more

Suspect Stole Vehicle During Gas Station Stop, Pushing Out People from Inside

The NYPD released an image of the suspect in Sunday night’s carjacking incident that happened at the gas station, corner 18th Avenue and 60th.... read more

Brooklyn’s Providers of Cardiac Care Network at Dinner to Better Serve Community

By Yehudit GarmaiseTo best treat and answer the questions of patients who are suffering from cardiac events, Hatzolah members and heimish referral.... read more

Boro Park Center Residents Celebrate with Simcha: the Fire of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

"Great music, tons of dancing, and good energy” was what 200 hundred residents of Boro Park Center (BPC) experienced outside on Lag B’Omer on May.... read more

7 Perps Arrested in 36 hours, says BP Shomrim

7 perpetrators were arrested in Boro Park in the past 36 hours, said Boro Park Shomrim.One man was arrested for stealing a bicycle, another perp for.... read more

Altercation on Boro Park streets sends man to hospital with serious head injuries

By: Boropark24 staffAt about 2:00 this afternoon, a vehicle and motorcycle got into a minor collision On ninth Avenue near 45th St. The two men.... read more

Suspect Arrested for Assault on 52nd Street

A suspect, who appeared to be under the influence, was arrested by the NYPD for assault Monday evening on 52nd Street between 16th and 17th.... read more

Man Stabbed in a Brawl on McDonald Ave

A fight between a few Middle Eastern guys turned dangerous when one of the gang viciously stabbed his brawl mate this afternoon on McDonald Ave and.... read more