LIVE UPDATES: Levaye of the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, zt”l

LIVE UPDATES: Levaye of the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, zt”l


UPDATE 8:41;

The Levaye just finished in the Beis Hachaim.

UPDATE 6:23;

The Mitah is arriving shortly to Monsey.

UPDATE 5:06;

The Mitah is now on the way to Monsey.

UPDATE 4:44;

The Levaye in Shul has finished, tens of thousands are now escorting the Mitah to 11th Ave.

UPDATE 4:41;

The Mashbak, R' Shia Chaim Kasten saying Keil Mulei Rachmim.

UPDATE 4:38;

The Rachmastrvika Rebbe from Eretz Yisroel just crowned the oldest son Harav Hatzadik Duvid Moshe as the Rachmastrvika Rebbe, and the other brothers in their locations.

UPDATE 4:32;

The Rachmastrvika Rebbe from Israel is being now Maspid at the Levaye via live hookup.

UPDATE 4:06;

Tehilem is now recited at the Levaye.

UPDATE 3:51;

The Mitah of the Rebbe z"l is now being carried to the big Rachmastrivka shul for the Levaye.

UPDATE 3:32;

The Mitah of the Rebbe z"l was just carried into the shul in his house.

UPDATE 2:43;

Many stores announced a 'Bitul Melacha' and closing their stores while the Levaye.

UPDATE 2:25:

45st will be closed for all, from New Utrecht till 13th ave. Attendees at the Levaye will stand on 12th Ave, from 42nd St till 50th St.

The Levaye will take place in the Shul, and the proceed towards 11th Ave, where it will turn left, and then proceed till 60th St.

UPDATE 1:45;

The Levaye, expected to be attended by tens of thousands, is scheduled for 4:00 pm at the big Rachmastrivka shul, and about 6:30 at the Har Shalom beis hachaim in Monsey.

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