Memory Lane: Shomrei Shabbos Anshei Nowogrod

In 1922, a group of men began davening at 1420 50th Street. They founded a society by the name of Shomrei Shabbos of Borough Park. The shul would.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Yerachmiel Kumin

Sometime in the 1930’s, a scion of Lita’s illustrious Torah families, graduate of its elite yeshivos, and personal secretary to the Chofetz.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Mordechai Gimpel Hakohen Wolk

Rav Mordechai Gimpel came to America in the 1920’s, and founded the first mossad hachinuch for girls in Boro Park, in addition to his incredible.... read more

Memory Lane: Rebbe Yisachar Berish Rubin, zt”l, The Dolina Rebbe

The Dolina Rebbe—a saintly figure, scion of the greatest Chassidic dynasties—came to the United States in 1923, and settled in Boro Park.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Yaakov Yechiel Traube

In recent weeks we have profiled two great Boro Park Rabbonim who served at Knesses Israel/Hebrew Community of Boro Park, located at 1323 42nd.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Benzion Dovid Taubenfligel

In last week’s article we wrote about Rav Grossman who served as the rov of Maimonides Hospital (1958-1973). He directly succeeded another Boro.... read more

Rav Yaakov Aryeh Grossman, zt”l

From Biyalistok to Boro ParkLast week we profiled Rav Yitzchok Waltman who served Knesses Israel/Hebrew Community of Boro Park,.... read more

Memory Lane: Rabbi Shlomo Chaim (Herbert) Port of the Boro Park Torah Center

A scion of Rabbinic families hailing from the Lithuanian Torah world, Rabbi Port experienced tragedy at a young age—losing his father Spanish.... read more

Memory Lane: The Biegeleisen’s of Boro Park II

Last week we profiled the rich heritage of the Biegeleisen family among Galician Jewry, their extremely reluctant arrival in America, and their.... read more

Memory Lane: The Biegeleisens of Boro Park (I)

YS GoldThe legendary first family of mochrei seforim have now been engaged in this holy work of putting holy books into the hands of.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Yosef Mordcholowitz

We have written in the past about Rabbanim and Admorim, who needed to fight to keep open their Shuls that they.... read more

Memory Lane: Seltzer; An Important staple in Boro Park of Yesteryear

YS Gold Seltzer was once the beverage of choice for Boro Parkers of yesteryear, and many can.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Moshe Yosef Rubin - the Kimplunger Rov

This week saw the petirah of Reb Yankel Rubin, the son of Rav Moshe Yosef Rubin, of one of Boro Park’s most prominent rabbonim, known as the.... read more

Memory Lane: R’ Yisroel Isser (Israel) Andron—An Educator and Activist in a Fledgling Boro Park

Readers of this column—as well as most of our community—are surely familiar with the famed “All for the Boss”, the work of Rebbetzin.... read more

BONUS Memory Lane: The Fire at Sfas Emes, When Boro Parkers Mourned Burned Sifrei Torah

Yehuda AlterAs we continue to mourn the churban of the beis hamikdosh, we recall a tragic.... read more

Memory Lane: Congregation Tifereth Israel

Yehuda Alter Last week’s article focused on the early history of Congregation Tifereth Israel and its founding in 1907. While.... read more

Memory Lane: Congregation Tifereth Israel

Yehuda AlterThe following account is about a congregation that was begun one afternoon in the year 1907 by one individual who endeavored to.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Peretz Yogel

Last week, we profiled the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy, an outgrowth of Boro Park’s Yeshiva Etz.... read more