Prominent Admorim and Rabbonim Join Call to Ban AI Technology

Prominent Admorim and Rabbonim Join Call to Ban AI Technology

by YS Gold

Throughout this spring, as the technology has exploded, seemingly out of nowhere, kehillos throughout the Tri-State Area have grappled with ways to address AI—with most Chassidishe kehillos banning the use of AI outright, considering it far worse than even unfiltered internet.

The Bobover Rebbe dedicated most of his traditional post-Yom Tov address to the threat posed by AI Technology, warning his Chassidim that it "is the entranceway to the abyss." This is but the latest call by a major Chassidishe Rebbe addressing this growing threat. 

In a tear-chocked voice, Rav Zalman Leib of Satmar, spoke at the traditional bagleiten on Motzei Shavuos, imploring his Chassidim: “All those who stood at the great moment of kabbolas haTorah should stand far away from this technology.” The Satmar kehillah will be holding a mass teleconference this evening on this critical chinuch issue. 

Rav Aharon of Satmar likewise issued very strong directives for his Chassidim to stay far from AI in an emergency conference two weeks ago, as did the Admor of Bobov-45 at the Lag Beomer Hadlakah, and the Skverer Beis Din about a month ago. Meanwhile, Meshimer and Geder—two of the prominent filtering companies in the heimishe community—have notified their users that any AI powered websites would be blocked until an effective way to filter them could be found. 

This comes following a number of similar teleconferences presented by numerous schools, yeshivos, and kehillos on this very critical issue that is unfolding before our very eyes.

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