IRS Continues to Experience Service Delays

IRS Continues to Experience Service Delays

Mindy Cohn

The IRS recently shared updates about filing and processing, saying the organization is "working hard to get through the inventory." 

IRS service delays include processing tax returns that need to be corrected and answering mail from taxpayers. All electronic and paper individual returns received before January 2023 have been processed according to claims by the IRS. 

As for individual tax returns received this year, the IRS will first process those with refunds due. Tax returns with taxes due will be processed last. If a tax return has errors requiring it to be manually reviewed, it will be processed in the order received. If more information is needed, the IRS will send a letter slowing the process down to more than 120 days, depending on the speed of response and subsequent processing by the IRS.

If you are waiting on a refund, the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 calendar days. However, if you filed on paper and expect a refund, processing your return could take four or more weeks. You can check on your refund by visiting this link or calling the automated refund hotline, 800-829-1954.

According to Forbes, the IRS had 1.43 million unprocessed Forms 1040-X, amended returns as of May 13, 2023. This number is more than half a million more than before. Amene returns are processed in the order received. Currently, the timeframe can be over 20 weeks. To check on the status of your amended return, visit this link

If you have other concerns, check out this page on the IRS' website which can tell you how long you may have to wait and what to do next.

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