AD: He Used to Bring Joy to the Bedridden, Now he Has Stage 4 Brain Cancer

AD: He Used to Bring Joy to the Bedridden, Now he Has Stage 4 Brain Cancer

by YS Gold 

The joyous days of Pesach are fast approaching, and for the family of Yehuda Aryeh Leib ben Esther Elka, it is a dire time. 

Their father and breadwinner was an energetic yungerman who brought joy to Jewish hearts in his capacity as a talented musician. At night he would enliven weddings with his music, and by day he would make the rounds to hospitals to cheer up patients and their families who were enduring the pain and suffering of illness. 

Until seven months ago, when he was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. 

His situation rapidly deteriorated, and he was no longer able to make parnassah. His devoted wife must care of their three young children, and they have moved into the home of Yehuda’s parents who are caring for him around the clock. 

Yehuda can no longer hear or speak, and his anguished parents must take off work to be with him, and care for his every need. The cost of his medical care has run up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is a family which did not have much to begin with. 

With the family’s finances stretched so thin—not being able to make even their daily budget—the thought of the approaching Yom Tov is daunting. 

The zechus of all those who will support this suffering family which is being crushed under the burden—financial and emotional—is very great. 

Klal Yisroel, rachmonim bnei rachmonim, will surely respond generously to the plea of this family, bring relief and simchas Yom Tov to a family which is suffering greatly.

As you will sit down to your beautiful Seder table, you will know that you have brought joy and lightened the load of a  family that is going through such difficult times. 

May this be a Zechus for you to have a simchas Yom Tov amid good health and plenty.

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