Anne “Chani” Neuberger, Boro Park Native, Travels to Brussels to Prevent International Cyberthreats

Anne “Chani” Neuberger, Boro Park Native, Travels to Brussels to Prevent International Cyberthreats

By Yehudit Garmaise

Anne, “Chani”  Neuberger, who grew up in Boro Park, now tackles worldwide cyber threats in her role as the US deputy for the National Security Advisory for Cyber and Emerging Technologies.

Neuberger, who attended  Bais Yaakov High School and spoke Yiddish at home before working for more than 10 years at the National Security Agency as the director of cybersecurity, traveled to Brussels, Belgium, from Nov. 8 to 10, to speak to world leaders to build international cooperation to reduce cyber threats.

“On behalf of the US, Neuberger recommended strategies that can be used by the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), both independently and collectively, to defend against, deter, and respond to the full spectrum of cyber threats,” said National Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne.

Ransomware, a type of dangerous software that extorts money by blocking computer access until a sum of money is paid, was one type of cyber threat that Neuberger discussed with many EU officials, members of the EU parliament, and the North Atlantic Council.

Neuberger’s efforts to fight cyberterrorism in Brussels built on those of President Joe Biden, who has worked with allies to punish countries that participate in cyber activity that has harmful intentions and discourages countries from harboring ransomware criminals.

In October, the White House hosted an international initiative that was attended by 30 countries and the European Union, all of whom cooperate to counter ransomware.

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