Beyond the Beds: How Rabbi Aaron Wajsfeld Serves the Residents of Boro Park Center with Dedication and Heart

Rabbi Aaron Wajsfeld (pronounced Weisfeld) is a born and bred Boro Parker who has found his way to a unique calling; infusing life and spirit into.... read more

Gov. Hochul Declares State of Emergency, Directs State Agencies to Prepare for Statewide Deployment

     Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a State Disaster Emergency this evening, just hours before a nor’easter is expected to drench New.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Reizel Gutman, a”h

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Reizel Gutman, a”h, a staunch ba’alas mesirus nefesh for her entire life. She was 98 years.... read more

NYC to Increase Random Metal Detector Scanning in Schools, After Five Students Found with Guns

      by Yehudit Garmaise     Since COVID began, New York City has seen a rapid increase in the presence of weapons,.... read more

Kapichnitz Rebbe Visiting Boro Park

Vaccinated Foreign Travelers will be Allowed Entry to the US, Starting on Nov. 8

     For the first time since early 2020, foreign travelers, who provide proof full COVID-19 vaccination with shots that were.... read more

‘Avenues of the Skies’ Brought to Life in Boro Park

As the Daf Yomi cycle inches its way through the damping of Rosh Hashanah, Klal Yisroel comes upon the complex topics known as the sugyah of.... read more

Thousands March Across the Brooklyn Bridge to Protest Vaccine Mandate for City Workers

By Yehudit Garmaise    Approximately 46,000 unvaccinated city employees have one week from today: until Nov. 1, to get their first vaccine.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Receives his Booster Shot: Goes with Moderna, after J&J One-Shot

By Yehudit Garmaise     “Give me a boost, Dave,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told to his health commissioner Dave Chokshi, MD, this.... read more

NWS Warns of Potential Flash Floods, Emergency Management Issues Travel Advisory

    With a total of 2 inches to 4 inches of rain on its way to drench New York City, the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood.... read more

Viznitzer Rebbe Arriving Monday, Will Attend Family Simchos in Boro Park

The Viznitzer Rebbe, Rav Mendel, shlit”a, will arrive in the United States on Monday, spending time with chassidim, and attend family simchos in.... read more

BDE: Mr. Leslie Blau, a”h

 We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mr. Blau, a Holocaust survivor who exhibited courage and fortitude during the war and after it,.... read more

Dinner for Bobov Kolel

Photos by: Achim Lenchevsky .... read more

Gov. Hochul Requires MTA to Bring More Peace and Quiet to Subway Stations

By Yehudit Garmaise     New Yorkers who live near subway stations probably have gotten used to the noise, however, Gov. Kathy Hochul.... read more

Memory Lane: Rav Avraham Moshe Karpel

For approximately 40 years—between the years of 1922 and 1962—a brilliant Rav and talmid chacham resided in Boro Park—having been molded in.... read more

New Two-Way Protected Bike Lanes Now Open on Fort Hamilton Parkway

  The new two-way protected bike lanes along Fort Hamilton Parkway, which runs from East 5th Street to Dahill Road, are now completed and.... read more