Lawsuit: Brooklyn Couple Sues American Airlines after They were Kicked Off Plane for Refusing to Put Tallis Bag on the Floor

While heading back to Brooklyn from Miami on American Airlines in August, Elana Birman, 71, only brought her purse on board, and her husband Roberto,.... read more

Mayor-Elect Adams Names Multiple Rabbis to Transition Team

Mayor-elect Eric Adams announced on Friday afternoon his transition team that’ll help him ease into office come January 1st, included in the list.... read more

Weekly Weather: Boro Parks Weather Outlook for this week.

By: Yaker BiegeleisenA milder start to the week, followed by a cold front, then a storm Following a windy, cold Shabbos, we warm up slightly for.... read more

Public Menorah lighting Inspires Optimism for a Brighter Tomorrow

Over Chanukah 2021, the Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations hosted and sponsored two Staten Island public Menorah Lightings. The first one.... read more

NYC Issues Vaccine Mandate for Religious and Private Schools, Employees Must Get First Shot by Dec. 20

By Yehudit GarmaiseMayor Bill de Blasio announced today a new COVID-19 vaccine mandate that will require all non-public school employees to get their.... read more

Clarification Issued in Matter of Gray Goose Vodka

Earlier today, the Beis Din of Rav Osher Eckstein, shlit”a, one of the prominent Belzer dayonim, issued an urgent notice—similar to that of other.... read more

Mayor-elect Eric Adams, in Ghana, Explains How Lubavitcher Rebbe, zt"l, Inspires Him

By Yehudit GarmaiseMayor-elect Eric Adams, who many times has spoken of how we must “turn pain into purpose,” as he did by joining the NYPD to.... read more

President Biden Lights up White House with Chanukah Party: an Inside Look

By Yehudit GarmaiseTonight at 8pm, when President Joe Biden hosted 300 to 400 guests at his White House Chanukah party, Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, the.... read more

NYPD Looking for Two Suspects in Armed Carjacking on Ft Hamilton Parkway

The NYPD is looking for two suspects who reportedly stole a vehicle in an armed carjacking on Fort Hamilton Parkway and 53rd Street Wednesday.... read more

Omicron Detected in California, Vaccinations and Boosters are Urged Nationwide

by Yehudit GarmaiseThe first known case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant has been detected in California by the US Centers for Disease Control.... read more

Photo Gallery: Rebbes and Rabunim in Boro Park lighting the Menorah - Part 2

Photos by: Avrhomi Berger, Hershey Rubinstein, Issac Y, Akiva K, M.B.D.... read more

Photo Gallery: Chanukah in Skulen

Photos by: Issac Y.... read more

Celebration in the Court of Chernobyl, as Intervening Property Acquired for Shul

The Chernobyler Chassidus in Boro Park is celebrating a miraculous milestone this 2nd day of Chanukah. The chassidus has long outgrown its.... read more

Photo Gallery: Chanukah in Sanz Klausenberg

Photo credit: Achim Lenchevsky .... read more

NYPD Looking for Three Women for Attacks on Jewish Children

The NYPD is looking for more information on three female suspects, who were seen attacking Jewish children in three separate incidents over the past.... read more

News Sparks: National Menorah Lit; Adams Travels to Ghana to Pray; and More

National Menorah Lit Close to White House: for 43rd Consecutive YearOn Sunday night, Rabbi Abraham Shemtov, the executive chairman of Agudas Chasidei.... read more

Photo Gallery: Rebbes and Rabunim in Boro Park lighting the Menorah - Part 1

Photos by: Avrhomi Berger, Hershey Rubinstein, Issac Y.... read more

NYPD Looking for Suspect who Stole 75 Cellphones from Vehicle

The New York Police Department has released a subscription, seeking more information on a suspect who allegedly stole approximately 75 cellphones.... read more