NYS Health Commissioner: No Sleep-Away Camps this Summer

In what can only be described as a Friday 'news dump', New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker announced on Friday afternoon that he will.... read more

Satmar Yeshiva Gets Permits to Open in Swan Lake as College Campus

Queens - The large Satmar yeshiva gedola announced on Friday that they have received the neccessary permits to open a summer camp in Swan Lake, with.... read more

Gov. Cuomo Says Decision on Sleepaway Camps to Come Next Week

New York - Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that a decision about summer sleepaway camps will be announced next week, as the state is still.... read more

Female Found Assaulted at Gas Station in Woodbourne

A female victim was assaulted in the head and dropped off by the Citgo gas station at the junction of Routes 42 and 52 in Woodbourne, NY, nearby the.... read more

Camp HASC: We Can’t Reopen As Usual Due to Lack of State Guidelines

Camp HASC announces they won’t operate this summer as usual, lacking proper state guidelines on how to open safely. “We will continue to explore.... read more

Lag Baomer in Skolya at Machne Skolya

Lag Baomer in Skolya at Machne Skolya.... read more

Camps Association Asks Sullivan County Not to Ban Camps

Respected Representatives,We hope all is well with you and your families.  We hope that we can together overcome this terrible.... read more

Group of 15 Found After Being Lost in Woods for an Hour

Monticello - A group of two adults and 13 children who got lost while hiking in the woods in Monticello were found after the husband of one of them.... read more

Teenager Injured When Falling From Golf Cart in South Fallsburg

South Fallsburg - A teenage boy was transferred to a hospital Sunday afternoon when he fell off a golf cart at a housing development in South.... read more

New COVID-19 Info-Site Launched by BPJCC

Brooklyn, NY—The Boro Park Jewish Community Council has created a new info-site with helpful links to initiatives, grants, and loans that will help.... read more

Coronavirus Financial Aid Roundup by Chai+1

A website has been set up to assist individuals and businesses with all financial aid available during this difficult time. The website,.... read more

South Fallsburg Yeshiva's Girls School Destroyed in Fire

South Fallsburg – The soon-to-be open girls school for the South Fallsburg yeshiva community was destroyed in a massive fire that erupted.... read more