City Launches Most Expansive Composting Program in the Nation, Will Provide Curbside Pickup

City Launches Most Expansive Composting Program in the Nation, Will Provide Curbside Pickup

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Mayor Eric Adams recently announced the funneling of $45 million to the Department of Sanitation, enabling them to pick up organic waste such a food scraps from homes around the city. 

The program was officially launched Monday, beginning with the borough of Queens. This will be followed in succession by the remaining boroughs. 

“By 2024, residents of all five boroughs will have access to clean, convenient curbside compost pickup from the Department of Sanitation,” said Mayor Adams at a press conference. 

“By reducing the food waste that we put into trash bags, our streets will look better, smell better, and best of all, will be dealing a blow to New York City’s number one enemy: rats,” The only ones who will lose are the rats,” he said. 

Every day, millions of pounds of food waste is tossed out together with other trash, and it is estimated that about a third of New Yorker’s trash is made up of food scraps, which could just as well be turned into compost if disposed of separately. Instead, they serve as a food source for the rats which so plague the city. 

Although the city has launched pilot versions of the program in the last few years, it was inconvenient for residents to access it—until now. “By the end of next year, New Yorkers will be able to place their yard waste and food scraps at the curb all year round,” the mayor said. 

New Yorkers will also be able to access the transformed compost at various centers. “They will be used for parks, plantings, and personal and urban gardens,” the mayor said. 

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