TEHILLIM: Z’kan Roshei Yeshivos shlit”a, Suffers Stroke

TEHILLIM: Z’kan Roshei Yeshivos shlit”a, Suffers Stroke

by YS Gold 

The Torah community was alarmed to learn that Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky, shlit”a, the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia and one of the leaders of this generation, has suffered a stroke. His family and the yeshiva have disseminated the following message: 

It has been determined that the Rosh Hayeshiva suffered a stroke this afternoon. B’Chasdei Hashem the Rosh Yeshiva is completely alert and aware, and is being fully communicative. However, although his cognition was BH not affected, his motor skills were. 

“The doctors have said that the situation is still developing and the next 24 hours are critical. The Rosh Yeshiva has instructed us to request from the public to be mispalel for his refuah. 

“Please be mispalel for Shmuel Ben Itta Ettil as we beseech Hashem for his recovery among cholei Yisroel.”  

Editors note: 

Many have noted that Rav Shmuel, shlit”a, has been here for any yid in Klal Yisroel for most of his life, constantly making himself available to anyone in need. Now, he is in need of our tefillos, and has asked us to daven on his behalf. Surely, it is appropriate for everyone to take a moment and recite a kappitel Tehillim for his refuah.

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