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Fire Dept. Urges Extra Caution Around Fires Over Pesach

15 Apr 2019 7:08 PM

New York – The Fire Department is urging extra vigilance around fires over Pesach, a yom tov that begins with burning the chometz, has lit candles four out of eight days, and has stovetops humming for much of the time.
“Keep your Passover holiday joyful and safe by taking precautions,” the Fire Department said.
One of the most common times for fires in the frum community is during bedikas chometz. The searcher should not use candles near flammable material or clothes; a flashlight is permitted for that.
The agency recommends using sturdy candleholders to tzind lecht and keep them out of reach of curious children and flammable curtains.
Ovens that are on the self-cleaning cycle to be kashered should never be left unattended and should have a kid-free zone of about three feet.
Bear in mind that nearly every oven cleaner, including Easy-Off, can cause stinging burns. Burns should be treated immediately with cool running water.

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