A Bitter-Sweet Tzaschem L’Shalom to Beloved Boro Park Lumber Celebrity

A Bitter-Sweet Tzaschem L’Shalom to Beloved Boro Park Lumber Celebrity

By M.C. Millman

A much-loved and familiar face for the past ten years at Boro Park Lumber, Tzvi Styler, will be celebrating his departure to Eretz Yisroel on Sunday.

The surprise party, arranged by the special needs Boro Park phenomenon’s father, will celebrate his ten years of being a much-loved figure at the lumber store before Tzvi makes aliyah with his wife and parents on Wednesday, February 15. 

“Everyone who knows and loves Tzvi is invited, “Dr. Shmuel Dovid Styler tells BoroPark24. “All of those who know Tzvi and love him can come by to celebrate both Tzvi and what Boro Park Lumber did for him over all these years. The way they looked out for him is unheard of and deserves to be celebrated not just in the next world but in this world as well. The world should know that Boro Park Lumber is owned and operated by tzadkim. The celebration will take place from 2:30 to 3 on Sunday, February 12.”

Tzvi has worked diligently for the past ten years at the lumber store, stocking and pricing merchandise. The job was done so well that Tzvi received an award from New York State one year for being the Best Special Needs Employee in his program. That meant a trip to Albany with his manager, Yoely Rosenberg, in 2014, to receive the award – a truly glorious moment for Tzvi.  

Tzvi will also be missed by his daily local mincha minyan where he was not only the president but the gabbai tzadaka as well. 

As Tzvi got married recently and insists that, as a newlywed, he should spend time in kollel, he will have the opportunity to do so once he gets to Eretz Yisroel. 

“We will be staying in Yerushalayim for the first six months to settle Tzvi and his wife in,” Dr. Styler says. “I’ll stay by a friend of mine who is a Rosh Kollel, so hopefully, Tzvi will be able to spend part of his time in the kollel in Ramot after we set him and his wife up in their new home. They’ll be in Yerushalayim under the care of Aleh Siach as a special needs couple, making them supervised wards of the state for the rest of their lives. And hopefully, Tzvi will also find some type of Boro Park Lumber job in Eretz Yisroel as well.”

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