Around the House: Elevate Spaces With Outdoor Flooring

Around the House: Elevate Spaces With Outdoor Flooring

By Yehudit Garmaise

Summer’s coming: Before taking your outdoor furniture out of storage, now is the perfect time to put down some flooring that looks great and creates luxurious areas for adults to sit and safe spaces in which kids can play. 

Poured Concrete, the original patio flooring, is affordable and durable. Workers create the look by pouring large slabs of wet concrete onto your yard. To create more sophisticated looks than the concrete yards of recesses and childhood backyards, workers can use stamps to make patterns, before the concrete cures, or solidifies and dries. 

Concrete Pavers, which add significant “curb appeal” to homes are excellent long-term investments for outdoor flooring because they are more beautiful, easier to repair, more durable, and not prone to buckling and cracking, like poured concrete can over time.

Modern, stylish, and ultra-durable, concrete pavers are made in many different sizes and styles from which outdoor enthusiasts can choose to arrange in creative patterns.

Brick or Natural Stone Pavers look casual, homey, and traditional for rustic outdoor patio flooring that can match outdoor fireplaces, barbeques, and pizza ovens.

Brick pavers, which only come in the rectangular shapes of bricks, can be arranged in different, creative patterns, while stones come in different natural stone shapes.

Porcelain flooring, which is clay has been that has been fired at temperatures higher than 1200º, provides an excellent, durable, and beautiful outdoor flooring option that gives your patio pops of color and a modern, high-end look. 

While lighter weight than concrete and stone flooring, waterproof, and easy to maintain, porcelain is the most expensive type of outdoor flooring. 

Ceramic flooring can provide the color of porcelain at lower costs, but with less durability. Ceramic is easy to clean, but prone to cracking and only water-resistant. 

Composite Wood Decking: Although some consumers mistrust composite deck outdoor flooring because it is not made of natural wood, composite deck outdoor flooring is reliable, durable, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.  Composite wood decking comes in many colors and doesn’t splinter, attract insects, and rot like real wood does.

Traditional wood decking: While traditional wood decking is less expensive upon installation than composite wood decking, in the long run, wood deck maintenance will cost more and can create hassles because of its lack of durability. 

If you love the look of natural wood: pine cedar, cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood are beautiful options.

Artificial grass, which comes in vibrant shades of green, doesn’t cost much, requires no maintenance, and is quick and easy to install. A great and easy option for covering cracked concrete or dirt patches on which grass doesn’t grow well. 

Outdoor rugs: are also fun, stylish, and durable options that come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Not only can outdoor rugs provide safety outside by preventing slips and falls, rugs can create homey, comfortable, and appealing outdoor spaces.

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