BDE: Mrs. Esther Devorah Rosenblum, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Esther Devorah Rosenblum, a”h

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We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Esther Devorah Rosenblum, a”h, the proprietor of the legendary D’Rose Linen. She was 91 years of age, and was the matriarch of a large and respected Torah family. 

The nifteres was born in prewar Poland. Her father was Reb Mordechai Eliezer Dembitzer, a prominent Bobover chossid from Dzikov. She was fortunate to survive the Holocaust in Siberia along with both her parents. 

Following the war, she married R’ Yitzchok Sholom (Itche) Rosenblum. 

She was beloved by her entire family and by all those who knew her. She was an active part of the business that has provided Boro Park residents with linen for so many decades, and would greet everyone with a friendly smile, never complaining. 

She was always seen with a tehillim in hand, and was known for her tremendous emuna and bitochon. 

Mrs. Rosenblum leaves behind beautiful Torah generations who will carry on her legacy. 

The levaya will be 7:20 at the establishment that she ran for so many years where she greeted everyone with a smile. 

Yehi zichra Baruch

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