BDE: Mrs. Malka Schonberger, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Malka Schonberger, a”h

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We regret to inform you of the petirah of Mrs. Schonberger, a”h, a beloved and admired individual from the Viener kehillah in Boro Park. She was 70 years of age, and had been unwell in recent months. 

The nifteres was the daughter of Reb Meirim Stern from Belgium, and she was married to, ybl”ch, Reb Dovid Schonberger, a respected member of the Viener kehillah. 

Mrs. Schonberger is remembered as a beloved person by so many people, and she was deeply knowledgeable in many areas. 

“She was involved in many different kinds of Chessed, ranging from bikur cholim to hachnosas orchim. Everyone found a place at her table,” recalls a relative. “She was deeply beloved by everyone who knew her, because she was so active and outgoing to everyone. She was also extremely active in helping people find their bashert.”  

A brother-in-law relates that her husband has been sitting and learning for most of the day for the last 20 years—in no small part due to her unwavering support. 

Together with her husband, ybl”ch, she established beautiful, Torah’dige generations who will carry on her legacy. 

The Levaya will take place at 10:30 this morning at Shomrei Hadas. To watch the Levaya live, click here.

Yehi zichra baruch.  

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