BDE: Mrs. Rivka Hammer (Dinkeles), a”h,

BDE: Mrs. Rivka Hammer (Dinkeles), a”h,

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We regret to inform you of the petirah of Mrs. Rivka Hammer (Dinkeles), a longtime Boro Park resident. She was 91 years of age, and established beautiful Torah generations. 

The nifteres was born in Lodz in the year 1932. Her parents were Reb Simcha Bunim and Chaya Schatz, ardent and prominent Gerer chassidim. 

In 1935, her parents heeded the call of the Imrei Emes that whoever could make it to Eretz Yisroel should do so. When she was seventeen, her father became ill, and the family moved to America. 

There, she married Reb Yosef Dinkeles, a staunch Gerer chossid, born-and-bred in America, who was an ardent follower of Reb Yaakov Yosef Herman, the hero of All For the Boss.  

Born Reb Yosef and his son-in-law became shochtim in Omaha, Nebraska. When it came time to send their children to yeshiva, they moved to Spring Valley, and later to Monsey. 

In 1979, they moved to Boro Park. 

Sadly, Reb Yosef was niftar in 1985, and Mrs. Dinkeles remarried to Reb Yekusiel Hammer, a prominent Bobover chossid, and she remained in Boro Park until her passing. 

“In every matzav, no matter how painful—and she endured many challenging situations—she lived with complete emunah that whatever that whatever Hashem does is for the best,” related a son-in-law with whom she lived for many years. “In all the years, I never heard her say a bad word about any person,” he recalled. 

The levaya took place at her home on Monday evening, and she was laid to rest hours after her petirah. 

Yehi zichra baruch.  

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