BDE: Mrs. Toba Leah Seidenfeld U"H

BDE: Mrs. Toba Leah Seidenfeld U"H

By BoroPark24 Staff

With a saddened heart, we regret to inform you of the tragic passing of Mrs. Toba Leah (Kaplan) Seidenfeld u"h, age 82.

She suffered severe burn injuries two weeks ago on Friday when her house, along with a neighboring house, caught fire an hour before Shabbos as she was lighting the Shabbos candles. She was in critical condition the last two weeks with severe burn injuries, until she passed away last night and returned her soul to her Creator. She will light Shabbos candles this week in a better world.

The levaye will take place at 10:30am at Shomre Hadas. To watch the Levaye live click here.

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