BDE: Peretz Munish (Peter) Bojmal, a"h

BDE: Peretz Munish (Peter) Bojmal, a"h

Mindy Cohn

We regret to inform you of the passing of Peter Bojmal, an EMS who worked for Maimonides Medical Center for the past nineteen years. 

Peter was also the Chief of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corp. and worked for OEM as the field operator.

Peter, also known as Peretz Munish Ben Yitzchok HaCohen, is remembered by the many Hatzolah and emergency service personnel as "a person who would always do his best to help anyone", his friend and collogue Ari Weiss told BoroPark24.

"He was a great guy," one Hatzolah volunteer shared with BoroPark24. "He went above and beyond for anyone who asked him for a favor."

His easygoing nature, and willingness to help will be sorely missed by those who know him and appreciate his true nature.

Levaye info was not published yet, we will update when confirmed.

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