BDE: R’ Leibush Brustowsky, z”l, Dedicated Life to Harbotzas Torah

BDE: R’ Leibush Brustowsky, z”l, Dedicated Life to Harbotzas Torah

By: Boropark24 staff 

We regret to inform you of the petira of Reb Yisroel Leibush Brustowsky, z"l, a longtime mispalel and lomed in Emunas Yisroel, where he was an admired and beloved figure. He was in his eighties. 

The niftar was known for his extreme dikduk b'mitzvos, and his love for executing each mitzvah to perfection. One of his fellow mispalelim recalls how he would dedicate time each morning to hearing birchos hashachar, so he could answer amein. He would then give tzeddaka to the kollel boker in honor of hearing the ameins. 

Despite his many business obligations, he rarely left the beis medrash before the afternoon. He would spend hours learning and reciting tehillim. 

He also founded a mezuza gemach for those who needed temporary mezuzos, and he dedicated himself to its operation until his last days. Another project of his was the organization of seforim libraries by color coding. This unique system can be found in Emunas Yisroel and in Lakewood Minyan, and elsewhere. 

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was his initiative of a brand new peirush on Mishnayos, making the limud easier and clearer for adults and children. Thousands upon thousands of these compact, soft-cover mishnayos have been distributed at no charge to summer camps so the children would learn in their free time, and the amount of hours of Torah learning in his zechus are incalculable. 

The niftar leaves behind a beautiful Torah family, and an incredible legacy of Torah and chessed. 

The levaya will take place in Emunas Yisroel at 1:00 Wednesday afternoon. 

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