BDE: R' Yechiel Issac Itzkowitz u"h

BDE: R' Yechiel Issac Itzkowitz u"h

By BoroPark24 Staff

BoroPark24 regret to inform you of the passing of R' Yechiel Issac Itzkowitz u"h.

The nifter was 74 at age, and a son of R' Yosef Mordche Iskowitz u"h from Klausenburg.

He was known by all for his ever-present smile. A relative shared with BoroPark24, "Whenever I would meet him, he would stop to shmooze with his big smile, making jokes and sharing happy thoughts, even though his life wasn't easy at all."

The Levaye will take place 11:30am at the Klausenburg Shul, 1420-50th Street.

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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