Boro Park Celebrates Jewish Heritage Month

Boro Park Celebrates Jewish Heritage Month

By M.C. Millman

Jewish Heritage Month was celebrated with a full house of elected officials, community leaders, and community members at the Amico Senior Center. 

The evening was a joint endeavor of Congressman Dan Goldman, the Boro Park JCC, Community Board 12, and Nachas Health and Family Network. Attendees were disappointed to discover that Congressman Goldman had been called back to Washington due to the vote on the two-year budget deal to lift the nation's borrowing limit. The congressman addressed participants live via a video hookup instead.

“Congressman Dan Goldman has been a tremendous friend and ally," Ritchie Taylor, NYPD Deputy Inspector. "Sitting together with the Senior Advisor to Mayor Eric Adams Joel Eisdorfer, the Mayor’s CAU Commissioner Fred Kreizman, and Chief Charles McEvoy shows how much Congressman Goldman is respected. Speaking at his Jewish Heritage celebration was a pleasure especially as Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky, Dolly Rabinowitz, and Yidel Perlstein were honored for their service. I look forward to working together with Congressman Goldman on many more community projects.”

“Boro Park is tremendously thankful and grateful to Congressman Dan Goldman for bringing together the community for the Jewish American Heritage Month,”  Avi Greenstein, BPJCC CEO. shares with BoroPark24. “This evening was tremendously meaningful to all who attended, and we appreciate the opportunity to celebrate Jewish American Heritage with so many community leaders and members.”

Honorees for the night included Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky, Lieutenant Special Assignment NYPD; Yidel Perlstein, Chari of Brooklyn Community Board 12 and BPJCC Board Member; and Dolly Rabinowitz, Holocaust Survivor, and Educator. 

"I was truly humbled and honored to be represented at tonight's wonderful event," Lieutenant Jablonsky shares with BoroPark24. "I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this great month of Jewish Heritage."

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