Boro Park Debates - Responses: Safety Barriers or Parking Spots

Boro Park Debates - Responses: Safety Barriers or Parking Spots

By BoroPark24 Staff

We asked for a Boro Park debate, and our readers responded - loud and clear. 

When it comes to choosing between more parking or more safety barriers, Boro Parker's undebatable response was not to sacrifice precious parking spots for safety barriers. 

While 58.6% of our responses from X are against installing more safety barriers,

87.6% of our hundreds of replies via our survey demanded that safety barriers not be installed at the cost of losing out on such a large percentage of coveted parking spaces. 

"Loss of parking will only increase safety hazards," one reader responded. 

"Vision Zero was never about zero casualties," another responder shared. "It's a thinly disguised plan to take cars off the streets by making driving ridiculously difficult in the name of "climate change." The solution to traffic is to take away lanes from the highways; the solution to parking is to take away parking spaces. The vision is actually "Zero Cars".

"Teaching children about pedestrian safety is at least as effective. Parking is a huge sore topic in Boro Park," another reader advised. 

"Didn't they try this on Fort Hamilton Parkway," a reader asks, "and then dismantled them?"

"It is nothing more than our politicians trying to make money with kickbacks by implanting nonsense; remember the Fort Hamilton Parkway Islands?" another reader also remembered the same event but provided more detail gleaned from hindsight. "It was installed for the "safety" of elderly people who should have a break while crossing the street and was then taken away for safety reasons because the Maimonides ambulances weren't able to get through. Didn't they know the hospital was down the block before they began? Now... make a calculation on how many companies made money by building it and taking it apart and how many kickbacks might have been involved..." 

"It's really a waste of money, time, and of course of parking spots," a very practical reader supplied input,  "which are so much needed. It won't help or change anything."

"There's never enough parking regardless," was shared by a lone pro voice in the debate. "At least we should save lives."

Looking forward to hearing your take while making your vote count in our next edition of Boro Park Debates.

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