Breadberry to Offer ‘Imported Beef Alternative’ Ahead of Impending Price Increase in American Beef

Breadberry to Offer ‘Imported Beef Alternative’ Ahead of Impending Price Increase in American Beef

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Last week, news broke of a sharp rise in American beef prices beginning this August, bringing concern to kosher meat consumers over this move which will impact them substantially. 

In the wake of this news, Isaac Bernstein of Breadberry Supermarket penned an open letter in which he explained some of the realities in the market, and the comparison between American and imported beef as it stands currently. 

“At Breadberry, we adjust our prices in line with cost changes. We always strive to avoid premature price increases; particularly given the current economic challenges many kosher-observant families are facing. Nevertheless, price increases are inevitable.”  

To address the sharp price increase, Bernstein says Breadberry is looking to offer the consumer an alternative that compares in quality but is cheaper in price. 

“Over the past few years. I have witnessed a tremendous increase in the quality of imported beef. The price difference as a whole isn’t that dramatic between the current price of American and the price of imported beef, which has slowly been making its way closer to American beef prices over the years… 

“Up until now, we have used American beef for approximately 95% of our sales. I anticipate this shifting closer to 50/50…

“This isn’t the first crisis the kosher food industry has faced. As we do every day, we will continue to face the challenges as they are presented and we will do our best to overcome them while continuing to offer a great product at a fair price,” Bernstein said.   

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