Brooklyn Elected Officials Visit Constituents in the Catskills

Brooklyn Elected Officials Visit Constituents in the Catskills


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For ten months a year, residents of the heimishe communities in Brooklyn find themselves in the city, going about their lives for themselves and their families. But for the summer months, many follow a tradition of escaping to the camps and bungalows of the Catskill Mountains, spending time in the fresh air and abundant greenery. 


But even during this time, askonim and elected officials continue to work hand-in-hand—throughout the summer months—for the betterment and welfare of the community. 


This past week saw high-ranking officials from the borough of Brooklyn pay a visit to the upstate outposts of the heimishe communities to get a firsthand glimpse into the idyllic lives of their constituents during these months. Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez visited a number of camps and bungalow colonies throughout the Catskills, spending friendly time with their constituents. 


The legendary askan, Reb Yaakov Eisdorfer, the Jewish liaison to the Borough President accompanied them. 


During this all-day visit, the entourage visited a number of camps, including the famed Camp HASC, where children with special needs are cared for with extraordinary devotion by its staff. Mr. Raynoso noted the incredible work of the staff of the camp on behalf of these special children and said that he was here for no special reason other than to visit with old friends and ensure that they are having a good time during their vacation.


From there, the entourage proceeded to Machane Rav Tov in Monticello, where the staff and campers gave them a rousing welcome. Thousands of campers stood up and applauded the Borough President as he entered the dining room. The campers were addressed by the noted askan, R’ Naftuli Moshe Indig, who explained to the campers the long-lasting friendship between Mr. Raynoso and our community, and how he is always ready to lend a hand to our community. 


The Borough President then spoke to campers, reiterating his friendship with the community and his willingness to help, noting that the city is all ready to welcome the campers back home in the coming days. He then proceeded to a number of other camps, where a similar scene ensued. 


On Sunday, Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez paid a visited to upstate camps and bungalow colonies. 


He began at the Ichud Bungalow colony in Monticello and entered the massive Beis Medrash where hundreds of Yidden can be seen learning and davening, greeting many of those he encountered. He also visited the local day camp where many of the city’s children enjoy the summer months. 


To the campers of Machane Rav Tov and Machane Divrei Yoel, the DA pledged to continue his fight against hate crimes, ensuring the safety and security of every Brooklyn resident in every single community. He was also greeted here by a number of local law enforcement officers with whom the camp administration has close ties. 


The DA’s visit culminated with a dinner together with a number of askonim and klal activists, where the camaraderie and the longstanding relationship was on display and where the DA pledged his continued cooperation with our community for the betterment and welfare of Brooklyn Jewry for many years to come. 


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