Captured Moment: An Iconic Landmark in Boro Park’s Center

Captured Moment: An Iconic Landmark in Boro Park’s Center

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This week’s captured moment takes us to an edifice in the center of Boro Park which has served the community for decades, in multiple capacities. It is a beautiful building which was organically constructed as a masonic temple.

Can our readers correctly identify this landmark? 


Answer to last weeks’ captured moment: 

One of the first addresses where Reb Yaker Biegeleisen sold his seforim in Boro Park, before moving to the Lower East Side, was a home at 1427 53rd Street. His father, Reb Yosef Chaim Biegeleisen, lived in the home, and was niftar in this home. 

The building has since been torn down, and a new one built in its place—but the foundations of Torah scholarship, and the dissemination of seforim in Boro Park of yore, remain deeply rooted at this address. 

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