Captured Moment: Saltser and Weinsier Plumbing and Heating

Captured Moment: Saltser and Weinsier Plumbing and Heating

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This week’s captured moment takes us to an industrial building somewhere on 38th Street which continues to stand to this very day. Back then, it was a plumbing and heating outfit while today it serves as a modern office building.

Can any of our readers pinpoint the location? 


Answer to last week’s captured moment: 

Dr. Mininberg’s maternity hospital was located at the corner of 15th Avenue and 45th Street for many years, beginning in 1925. The following entry appears in Wikipedia relating to Boro Park General Hospital, Boro Park General Hospital, (4413-4421 Fifteenth Avenue) included Boro Park Maternity Hospital, which was bought by "Dr. Philip Mininberg, an obstetrician" and renamed Brooklyn Doctors Hospital. The hospital's maternity annex, built in 1925, was sufficiently separate so that during a 1935 fire that "filled the maternity structure with smoke" three doctors and ten nurses moved the ground floor mothers and babies to the General Hospital "next door. 

After serving as Beis Yaakov Seminary for many years, today it serves a Beis Ruchel D’Satmar, educating a new generation of Boro Park girls. 

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