Captured Moment: Tashlich

Captured Moment: Tashlich

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As Yidden everywhere take their families to Tashlich, we bring you this image of man reciting tashlich at a body of water near Boro Park. 

The location is known to most Boro Parkers, but this special photo is time-appropriate and brings back nostalgia of yesteryear. This Yid probably came here with his station wagon which he would have parked in the nearby parking lot...


Answer to last week’s captured moment: The Butcher.

4521 Fort Hamilton Parkway served as a butcher store, and had a ‘bosor kosher’ sign in the window, back in the year 1940. Today, it serves as the home of one of the last Meal Mart retail locations. This store used to be located on 16th Avenue for many years, and moved here about 15 years ago, serving the residents of the area. 

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