Captured Moment: The Shul That Went up in Flames

Captured Moment: The Shul That Went up in Flames

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As we approach Tish B’Av—a time when Hashem poured out his wrath on “wood and stones” of the Beis Hamikdosh, we recall the fire in the winter of 1934 that all but demolished a shul on Fourteenth Avenue in Boro Park.

Can any of our readers accurately identify the location?


Answer to last week’s captured moment:

1625 52nd Street was most recently the home of Reb Pesach Feldman, an architect who assisted many yeshivos with their drawings. But before that, it served as the first home of the stoliner shul, as Stoliner chassidim began relocating from Williamsburg to Boro Park and establishing a presence here. They went on to expand on 16th Avenue, and are currently in the midst of a massive construction project for a new shul—but their origins in Boro Park were in this humble abode at 1625 52nd Street.

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